First letter

Dearest Noah,
It has been 2 days since we received the worst news of our lives. Your brain did not develop properly, and will continue to get worse. We will never be able to bring you home. It is impossible to believe. Just this week I have started to feel you kick, and you are moving inside of me right now.

Everyone loves you. Your brother Owen has kissed my belly every day, and loves to pat and call you baby. Many times it would be the first things he would do when he woke up, and the last before he would go to sleep.

Your Daddy just felt you kick for the first time. It’s so hard to believe that you will never come home. Never see the beautiful mountains, never wrestle with your brother, never feel the sun, or the wind, or the snow. We wanted all of these things for you and so much more. Since we found out, We have bought you a hat, and a blanket, and given you your name. It means “peace” and “rest,” because that is what we wish for you. It’s not enough, but nothing short of a lifetime would be.



One thought on “First letter

  1. That’s heartbreaking! (But you already know that).

    Sorry you have Thanksgiving and Christmas this way. I remember it from last year, and it was awful. You’ll make it through. You really will.

    Anything my wife and I can ever do, just say the word! 🙂

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