Goodbye 2013

2013 brought with it so much loss. I was sick for a quarter of it, but it’s hard to wish that away, for it was also my only time with Noah.

It has been a year of change, We started off the year with Dan trying to finish his thesis as we planned our move. In January, we made our first trip as a family across the country to look for a place to live. At the end of February, Dan finished and defended his thesis, and then the movers came the next day! We moved to our new town and have made some wonderful friends. Without them this year would have been much more difficult then it already was.

In June we were very excited to learn that we were expecting our second child. Unfortunately it was a very difficult pregnancy. I was very sick and hospitalized several times. Thankfully our wonderful friends and family were able to help with taking care of all of us. However, Noah was stillborn on October 19th. The rest of the year has been hard. We all miss Noah. This will always be his year. The only year he ever lived in.

I am also thinking today of all of the loved ones we have collectively lost this year. I know they will never be forgotten.

So tonight, I am thinking of TJ, Kayley, Nicholas, Cullen, Steve, and Debbie, all gone to soon. And out littlest angels, Noah, Lachlin, Jonah, Luke, Lucy, Pax and Jude, AJ, Taigdh, Zachary, Eliza, Leo, Isaac, Brinley, Jude. And all of the angels without names. I am thinking of all of you who lived only in 2013 tonight. This year will forever be etched in our memories as the year of our babies. How we wish you were here to see 2014 with us.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye 2013

  1. I remember well what it felt like going forward into a new year with out my babies. Its very difficult and sad. I think of all of your babies and all of you mommies missing your children. Keep honoring those babes and we will help remember them with you.

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