Please Pray

I was going to post tonight about my terrible week.  How it was filled with reminders of Noah’s death.  Of inconveniences.  Of the calls from cord blood banking, and bills from my pregnancy and Noah’s birth.  About how today, 3 months after my induction began, a nosy tech from my optometrist told me that Owen needed a little brother and how I told her he already had one.

But all I can think about is two families fighting for their babies tonight.   ZB is having her MRI right now.  It will tell them about her brain function, and whether or not they will be saying goodbye to their beautiful three year old, or will be fighting for her some more. Another friend is in the hospital with preterm labor.  She is 24 weeks with triplets and I am terrified for her.  I know she is terrified too.  According to this site babies born at 24w have a 40%-70% chance of survival.  It goes up 2-3% every day they stay in.

I know many of you are very religious.  If you pray, please pray tonight for ZB and the Three Peas.  Please, pray for a miricle for these 4 children.  I cannot stand to think of any other parents going through this heartbreak.

Update on ZB
We are letting her go peacefully. There is no hope that she is still in there. Every part of her brain has been effected. We will be donating pieces of her life so others may live. Say a prayer of peace for us and one for a quick transition for my girl. Thank you so much for everything. You are all in my heart.
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Heartbroken for them. Please keep praying for her family, and for the Peas.


8 thoughts on “Please Pray

  1. Oh those poor moms. My heart breaks for them. I will pray hard. Thank you for reaching out to let us know. The thoughts of strangers can bring a tiny bit of strength and peace.

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