Things that sting today

At a playgroup at the park.  

“I just don’t know if I can make it another 2 weeks!”  — Mom due 10 days after Noah’s due date.  

“I’m so glad that I am done having babies!  Babies are so hard to handle, I’m so glad I never have to deal with an infant again!” — Mom of a 3 and one year old.  


5 thoughts on “Things that sting today

  1. I am so sorry. People just have no idea. I remember talking to another mom who was pregnant and due the same month Lucy was due. I told her that I had been due in July too and my daughter was stillborn. Her reaction, “Oh! Well at least you don’t have to be pregnant in the summer!” So sorry those women said that stuff.

  2. Those words do sting. A lot. The other day I was at a playgroup and one of my friends was talking about her 14 month old not being a little baby any more. She said, “Where did my baby go?” It upset me because I know where my baby is and that he’s never going to grow up. She then proceeded to say she was sad they wouldn’t be having any more babies. Granted, her words are different than your friends’, but they still stung, because I sat there wondering if I would ever get to have another baby because getting pregnant seems to be difficult for no apparent reason.

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