The start of the 6 month milestones

SImageix months ago today I got the phone call that changed my life.  I’d had an ultrasound the day before, had confirmation that we were having another boy, and was told everything was fine.  We were told that some pictures were hard to get, so we should come back in 3 weeks.

And then the next day I got the call.  The doctor reviewed the ultrasound and thought that the ventricles in his brain might be enlarged.  In shock I hardly asked any questions, but my mind immediately jumped to the worst case scenario.  I thought he was going to die.

Everyone told me I was worrying for no reason.  That it would all be fine.  That it was just a “maybe” and even if, things could still be ok.  My research told me the same thing.

But when I called back with the questions I had been too stunned to ask before, I had the doctor himself on the phone in under 2 minutes.

And I knew.  You NEVER get the doctor right away unless they think something is really wrong.  You talk to a nurse (or leave a message for a nurse), they ask the doctor, and the nurse calls you back.  Maybe the doctor if it’s a complicated question.  But the doctor doesn’t drop everything to rush to the phone when you call unless it’s really bad.

And it was.


2 thoughts on “The start of the 6 month milestones

  1. Sadly, I think you’re right. Although it sometimes takes them a while to catch on – until my waters broke at 20w, I called several times with problems that, in retrospect, could have been warning signs. It’s hard to say for me whether they didn’t see it, or whether they knew there wasn’t much to be done in this particular case… but for me, seriously worried, it was very frustrating to almost always only talk to the nurses.

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