AMH and Egg Quality

ImageSo we got my AMH results back today, and Dr. Google isn’t the only one saying the words “donor eggs.”

They want the level of AMH to be between 2 and 6.  Mine is 0.469.

The good news is, they saw follicles on my right ovary on my ultrasound last week.  Because of that, the nurse says we may still have a shot at a clomid or IUI cycle being successful.  She said if they hadn’t seen follicles and were seeing these numbers, we’d be talking donor eggs right away.

I’m basically a mess.  How much more can go wrong?  We should get the results of D’s S/A Monday, and then I have the rest of my tests and a consult to make a plan on Wednesday.

And I can’t help thinking – were these egg quality issues the cause of Noah’s defect?  And if so, what is the risk that it will happen again?


13 thoughts on “AMH and Egg Quality

  1. I can imagine how incredibly hard these test results are for you. I am very glad you have some answers and some direction with what questions to ask, but I know it must be heartbreaking. As long as the doctors don’t think the egg quality could be a problem with subsequent pregnancies, it cant hurt to attempt a few more tries with your eggs. Whatever happens we are here supporting and hoping for you. Hugs.

    • Thank you. I know so many others have been through so much more in terms of IF, even with loss too. But the thought of putting my body through IVF, and then to hopefully be pregnant and launch right into the hell of HG, while fearing another loss and/or preterm labor…. It’s just so much. It just feels like nothing ever goes right.

  2. I think the same thing all the time about my AMH and the loss of my son Blake. I’ve been assured that if it was an egg quality issue I would not have been able to carry as long as i did : /

  3. Hugs friend, I have also received that horrid AMH bomb. Mine is .2 and I thought I might lose it. I know this is all hard to process, I’m sending hugs and strength xx

      • I did just about everything in the book to improve my egg quality and one lucky one squeaked through naturally. We hope so anyway. They couldn’t tell me if our losses were from low AMH or blood clotting or immune issues or what or if anything I did / took helped egg quality but some of my doctors think AMH isn’t an accurate way to predict fertility, more that it determines how well you’ll respond to IVF drugs. Who knows, it certainly messes with our heads! Hugs xx

          • My FSH was ok too. I ended up taking high dose 600mg ubiquinol & 600mg q-10 a day plus inositol and L-Arginine, maca, and loads of royal jelly on top of all my other supplements like b6, b12 etc. Who knows if any of it worked but I felt good doing it. Will be thinking of you on Wednesday hun xx

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