RE Update

So we had our most recent RE appointment last Wednesday.

I was supposed to have an HSG and a hyst to check out my uterus and tubes.  They only want to do it before ovulation because they shoot water and bubbles in and they don’t want to disrupt an egg.  So they only do it on CD 5-12 (they want it to be after AF too) but


almost positive CD11

prefer CD 5-8.  There schedule was really full, so I was scheduled for 1:30 on CD12.  A few days before, I started having some dark OPKs and I started worrying that I would ovulate before the test and would be pushed off again.  I’d never gotten +OPKs before CD 14, but then again 6 months ago, I had never gotten a +OPK without meds before CD20.  It’s just been getting earlier, and earlier.  I’m not sure if it’s the Maca and Vitex, or just my cycle being wonky.  master_2048x2048

I was relieved when my OPK first thing in the morning was negative, but then at 10:30 – it was suddenly positive.  I called since we had to leave in 15 minutes to make the 2 hour drive there.  The nurse said it was ok, that with a +OPK that close to the test time, I shouldn’t ovulate until after.

After my AMH results, we got back D’s S/A results on Monday.  They weren’t good.  The morphology was worse than before.   S/A Count 35, Motility 47, Morph 1.5   Given that, we were concerned about what the RE would say.  So we decided to have D come with.  He hadn’t met Dr. C before.  An appointment requires 4 hours in the car, and time off from work which is hard to come by.  But for making a plan, I wanted him there.

We did the HSG and hyst.  They said my uterus looked good.  They want to do a different type of HSG again next cycle, but they said they thought it looked good.

The bad news is that both of my ovaries, while functioning, are small.  That + my short LP and low AMH makes Dr C think that I’m in premature ovarian failure.  We’ll see what that holds.  He is hopeful that we will be able to stimulate my eggs since I do still seem to ovulate on my own.

The plan is to do 2-3 Clomid IUIs before moving on to injectibles or IVF.

The surprise of the day was that on my u/s they were able to see the follicle with a mature egg.  Given that and my +OPK Dr C said that I was at exactly the  perfect time in my cycle for an IUI.  And the u/s was considered part of my tests, and since we have testing coverage, it was already paid for by ins.  This dropped the cost of an IUI by half, so he recommended we do one that day.  He basically said that even though I wasn’t on meds to help with egg quality this cycle, I did have a good follicle, and given Dan’s morphology issues, the IUI itself could be enough. 

So here I am, 6DPIUI.

I had thought there would be a lot more to an IUI than there was.  I think I built it up in my head.   Our post-wash numbers were 10.1mill and 95.2 motility.  Unfortunately though, they can’t do morph for an IUI and since that is where our problem is, we don’t know what that will mean.  

I’d love to hear about other IUI experiences with morph issues and post wash numbers.


4 thoughts on “RE Update

  1. My DS1 is from iui / injectables due to morphology issues. I think our post wash was 6 million. And my angel DS2 is also from iui / injectables with a 9 million count. Both of these were after IVF didn’t work. We had originally gone straight to Ivf due to the morphology issues but we stepped back after looking at the results & for financial reasons. Lots of sticky vibes to you!!

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