IUI #2

I’ve spent most of the week pretty angry.

We had IUI #2 on Sunday and it was not a good experience.  I got my positive OPK on CD13, so that was a good sign, but I had been having pain in my left ovary since Friday, and I was really worried about too many follicles.

My regular RE Dr. C wasn’t there.  He trades weekends with his partner Dr T, who I hadn’t met before.  We started off on the wrong foot when they told D that he couldn’t come back for the ultrasound with me.  They took him to have his “date with a cup” at the same time as they took me back.  Right away that put me a little on edge.  If they were starting the semen spinning before we even knew my status, would we even have the opportunity to cancel?  I never asked, but it certainly didn’t ever feel like I had the option.

Dr. T started by looking at my right ovary – no dominant follicle.  And then on my left – 1 follicle.  Should be good news after all my worry over ovulating too early or having too many follicles.  But instead of the 16mm-20mm follicle that we should have seen, mine was 31mm.  No wonder I had pain.  Dr. T continually told me it was fine.  That they worry about too small not too big.  But that’s not what I know from my time in the IF world.  I haven’t found anything from a reputable source online, but the general consensus is over 25mm is too big.  And I do know one other IFer who has had follicles 30+ and her RE said that over 30mm there wasn’t much of a chance.  I felt really blown off by Dr. T.  I asked him twice about it while we were there, and when I called on Monday to see what Dr. C thought, he wasn’t there and the nurse just asked Dr T again, even though I told her that I had already talked to him and that I wanted to hear what MY doc said.

So we’re going through the motions – still doing progesterone suppositories until 14DPO.  But I feel like there is little to no chance.  I’ve been pretty pissed off and had little patience for anything this week.  Coming off of a benched cycle, to feel like there is no shot again just sucks.  And it’s June.



6 thoughts on “IUI #2

  1. I’m so sorry, for everything this cycle. Not having a good experience with the other doctor, your follicle being bigger than you wanted and causing stress, DH not being allowed to come back. Definitely NOT how you want to feel going into the TWW.

    Are you doing u/s monitoring pre-ovulation or just using OPK’s. You may want to ask your doc when you can get through to him if that’s something to consider if this cycle doesn’t work.

    • Just OPKs. The u/s are $250 a pop OOP. Plus 4 hrs in the car. We are decreasing my clomid dose next time, and I’m going to ask about bloodwork monitoring and coming in for an earlier u/s and trigger.

      • That’s what our u/s cost too, OOP, but our RE was only a 20 minute drive. Going in earlier would help, too. Didn’t think of that. Another thing to consider is seeing if your local OB can do the u/s and give the results to the OB. Wouldn’t necessarily save the money, but would the driving time.

  2. Ugh, this sounds so frustrating, especially the part about your doctor not being there and the other doctor not being thorough and begin so cavalier about everything. Feeling blown off by doctors is the worst. Hang in there – you never know!

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