Who would he have been?

When Sam was a newborn it was easy to imagine the clock had been reset.  It was easy to look at him and think that the past year had been a dream and that Noah was a tiny, healthy baby.  

Now Sam is almost 5 months.  He is a happy wiggly baby.  I have no idea what Noah would have been like at this age.  He is always a tiny baby to me, even though had he lived he would be 17 months.  The same age Owen was when we moved here.  He would be approaching the age Owen was during my pregnancy with Noah.  
I will always wonder who he would have been.  


One thought on “Who would he have been?

  1. I think we all wonder about this. I certainly do. Now that my son is 2 1/2 and becoming his own little person, I wonder what my twins would have been like as 3 1/2 year olds. I imagine they all would have been very different and unique. If only we had the chance to find out.

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