Capture Your Grief Day 3: In Honor

  He was supposed to be my miracle baby.  After needing fertility drugs with Owen, he was happily conceived with minimal assistance. My initial beta numbers were great.  

I was so afraid when I got sick.  Afraid that my body would choose me over him.  As I lost 4lbs a week and needed daily IV fluids, I was afraid.  But we made it past 8 weeks, then 12, then 16.  I started to get a little better.  We were going to beat HG.  My strong, healthy miracle baby.  

It wasn’t until later we learned.  He had a cyst in his brain that was slowly killing him.  It had formed early on.  Through all our fighting, we didn’t know that the end was inevitable.  

Our miracle baby, beating fertility and HG.  We said goodbye on 10/19/13 at 20w. Today and every day, we remember him.  Honor him with our memories, our words, with love.  


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