Capture Your Grief Day 7: Memory

 With Owen, Noah, and Sam we got the joy of telling friends and family that I was pregnant.  It is such a happy thing.  You are excited, they are excited for you.  It feels like the first real celebration in that baby’s life.  

In April of last year, I had my first IUI.  Two weeks later, I took a test.  It said Pregnant.  I quickly sent a picture of it to two close friends, and called Dan to tell him the amazing news.  That night, I got to see my friends at a potluck.  They were so excited, and we were all so happy.  

The next day, I got the call that my blood test numbers were not what they should be, and it didn’t look good.  Just like that the celebrating was done.  It was another week before we lost Baby M.  We never got to see him, we barely knew he was there.  But he brought us so much happiness, even if it was just for one day.  


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