Capture Your Grief Day 9: Family

Since starting preschool when I was newly pregnant with Sam, Owen has been asked to bring in a family picture three times.  I never know what to send.  There is no complete family picture.  The closest I can get is one like this, that includes Noah’s Molly Bear.  

Owen was asked to decorate this lead with his family picture.  So he wrote everyone’s names, including Noah’s.  He always includes Noah.  

When we were on a trip this summer, Owen met a lot of new people, or people he hadn’t seen in awhile.  They would inevitably ask him “How do you like being a big brother?”  Owen developed a standard response – “Our first baby died.  Noah died.”  

Not something anyone was expecting.  But I think that was the 3 year old way of saying that he was a big brother before Sam.  Of insisting that Noah counted too.  

Noah is always a part of our family.  You may not be able to see him, but he is with us, in our thoughts and our hearts always.  


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