Capture Your Grief Day 4: Support Circles

When Noah first died I was desperate to talk about it.  About him.  I joined every support group I could find.  Reached out to anyone I knew who had been through anything similar.  I was so grateful to anyone who would let me talk.  

I had a few friends who let me spill all of my hurt.  Who held that space without trying to change it.  People want to comfort.  But attempts to comfort generally seem hollow.  And many are just uncomfortable with the rawness of grief, even now.  

In addition to those friends, I found many support circles that held that space, for me, and others.  I still visit some of them to share my own grief, but I also go back because I know how much being heard was needed. I am now in a place where where I can support others as well. 

#captureyourgrief #captureyourgrief2016


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