Capture Your Grief Day 8: Beautiful Mysteries

I picture him with big, brown eyes.  Light hair, like his brothers, but warm brown eyes.  

He was quieter than they were.  Moved less.  I imagine he would have been quieter in life.  More reserved.  Thoughtful.  Slower is an easy, relaxed way.  

He would have liked books.  Looking at them, being read to.  

I can picture him serious, and a warm, shy smile.  He would have been a stuffed animal kid, like Sam.  Always holding one close.  I picture him sucking his thumb, something Owen and Sam never did.  

Who know what he would have been like.  How he would have fit in with his two brothers. We can only hold onto the few things we have.  He was here.  Who he would have been?  It remains a mystery.  


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