Capture Your Grief Day 13: Dear World

Dear World, 

This is my family.  And so is this.  I have three little boys, two of whom will never be in the same space.  But they are both equally, my children.  Each of these family photos is as complete as the other.  Which is to say neither of them is.  

And we go on.  And we try to represent Noah however we can.  But I wish people could see our WHOLE family. 

Sam get’s refered to as our second a lot.  And I get it.  He is the second to live.  But he’s not “number two.”  And while I have two living children in my house. I am not a mom of two.  I’m a mom of three.  

Our parenting three challenges look different than most.  I get that.  We aren’t struggling with three car seats, or who gets a window seat, or to push the elevator buttons when there are only 2 buttons and 3 kids.  
But we still have three children.  We still love three children.  We just hold one with our hearts instead of our hands.  This is who we are.  

#CaptureYourGrief #CaptureYourGrief2016 #WhatHealsYou


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