Capture You Grief Day 18: Healing Therapies

Crocheting started for me as a way to give back.  Then I quickly realized that it helped my anxiety in social situations where I wasn’t comfortable in my new role as a grieving mother.  Whether something was triggering, or I could sense that my grief made someone else uncomfortable, crocheting gave me something else to focus on.  It helped to wean me off of the anti-anxiety medications I took when I had to be around people.  I have since found that crocheting for a little while helps calm anxiety of any kind.  

My other healing therapy is being able to talk about Noah, our experiences, my grief.  Or more often writing about it.  I write for capture your grief during October, but I write the rest of the year in spaces where I can connect with other parents dealing with loss and infertility.  This blog, message boards.  Places I can share our story.  

I am reminded of a line from RENT – “The opposite of war isn’t peace – it’s creation.” Grief and loss can feel like a war.  But being able to create in the face of loss can be incredibly healing.  

#captureyourgrief #captureyourgrief2016 #whathealsyou


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