Capture Your Grief Day 19: Grief Rituals

Today is Noah’s 3rd birthday.  The last two years we have done the same things for his birthday, things that we will probably continue for some time.  They feel right.  

The first thing we have done is an Act of Kindness drive.  We take breavement supplies to the hospitals, and do other acts of kindness through out the day.  And we ask others to do acts of kindness in Noah’s memory and share them with us under the hashtag #kindnessforNoah.  

We also go and get flowers and drive up to the local waterfall.  It’s a short hike that we can we can do together.  We throw flowers and/or petals into the stream ahead of the falls and watch them go down.  

We also light his candle, which we do every month on the 19th, and on any day that is particularly hard.  It’s a way to take a moment.  To say that we are thinking about him and feel close.  💗


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