Microblog Monday : Eye of the Beholder

I have a love/hate relationship with Timehop.  It often makes me sad, but I wouldn’t trade the photos, the memories, and the emotions for anything.  

This picture showed up this week.  I remember the trip, and the picture all too clearly.  What always strikes me with this photo is how I know others see it, versus my reaction.  

To the outside world, and probably even the person taking the picture and the other people in it, it is a simple, sweet photo of a family.  

For me, all I can see is what’s not there.  Noah.  I should have been 37 weeks pregnant.  Or even had him with us.  We should never have been able to go on that hike to that scenic place.  My in-laws (who took the picture) shouldn’t be there.  They should have waited another month and a half to come visit the new baby.  

It’s all in the eye of the beholder. 


One thought on “Microblog Monday : Eye of the Beholder

  1. Hugs Mama. I’m caught off guard in my TimeHop sometimes with my own loss of my Adam and the turmoil of my infertility journey. It’s so hard looking at images knowing what is missing. ❤

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