CaptureYourGrief Day 4: Belonging

Apparently there isn’t a good picture of all three of us, so this will have to do. We had only met 4 months before I was on bedrest. They took care of me, took care of my family, and supported us in every way. They were some of the first to know when everything went downhill fast. I spent more time crying on their couches than I can count. I knew I was always welcome, and there was nothing but understanding.  
They are my tribe, my family. We celebrate together, vent together, and mourn together. From the mundane to the big things, we’ve been there for it all. They say you see people’s true colors when a tragedy happens. These two were here at the hardest time of our lives. They walked in when it would have been so easy to walk out.  

#CaptureYourGrief #CaptureYourGrief2017


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