A 💔 and a Facebook PSA

I spent a long time with many Facebook friends hidden. If they were due around the same time as me, or of their childshares a birthdate – I just couldn’t do it. Little by little I re-followed/unhid them all.  
But then this month comes. I love my friends and their kids. I am past the ache at every mention or picture. But for those celebrating their child’s 4th birthday this month – it still stings. Their child is here (as they should be,) and mine is not.  

So rather than just hiding individual posts, or hiding them and needing to undo it later – there is a snooze button. For 30 days I can bury my head in the sand and hide the reminders that we should have children the exact same age – but mine died.  

Next month I will “like” the cute pictures. I will laugh at the silly things they do. I will digitally send 🍷🍫 for the hard moments. But for this month, I will hold space for my own 4yr old, and my grief that he isn’t here.  


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