Two and a half years

Yesterday Owen told Sam that he was “the best brother ever!” It was wonderful, and sweet, and heartbreaking. He never got the chance to play with and snuggle his first brother.   I have a million pictures of Owen and Sam. Owen loves getting their picture taken together. This is the only picture we have […]

Capture Your Grief Day 4: Light and Dark

   Light and Dark.  Grief and Joy.  We grieve because we love.  One picture shows one of our darkest moments and the light and joy we felt when Sam was born safely. And the other the heartache we felt, missing Noah even in our joy.   I recently read back over some things I wrote […]

Rambling : almost 35 weeks

Rambling: a lot of stuff is coming up right now. I saw a whole bunch of tandem nursing pictures in a breast feeding group and it makes me sad. We would almost certainly have tandem nursed had Noah lived. He and Owen would have been only 2.5 years apart. Owen mostly self weaned this fall. […]

“I have two.”

“I just have one.” Those words came out of my mouth today and I instantly wanted them back.  It happens occasionally.  Usually when I have someone assuming that two children that are physically present are both mine and I correct them.  But then it always feels wrong.  Sure, only one of the two kids you […]