Our TTC Story

Dan and I met our freshman year of high school. We were good friends, but didn’t get together until the beginning of summer after our sophomore year of college. We got married exactly 4 years later. Just over 2 years later we started TTC and that’s where this story starts. It’s is just the bullet points. There are more details in the about section, and in the first early posts.

3/10 – I start going off all medicines for my JRA in preparation for TTC
5/10 – go off BCP and start charting
6/10 – our first TTC cycle
10/10 – first visit to an OB. Start metformin.
1/11 – first medicated cycle with Femara. BFN.
2/11 – second medicated cycle with Femara.
3/4/11 – BFP. Progesterone low, start progesterone supplements.
3/7/11 – beta 15DPO = 108
3/9/11 Beta#2 17DPO = 179
3/10/11 Beta#3 18DPO = 259
3/12/11 Beta 4# 20DPO =659

4/29/11 ER for IV fluids. Diagnosed with mild HG, start Zofran and take round the clock until 16w.

7/11 – have a bunch of BH contractions, are told to rest and hydrate for several days

9/24/11 – contractions start again. Assume they are just BH. (33w1d)
9/25/11 – contractions when I stand, but stop when I rest.
9/26/11 – call the midwives and go in to get checked and get a FFN test. Not dilated.
9/27/11 – FFN comes back positive. Get sent to the hospital for monitoring. Still not dilated and only feeling contractions when I stand up, but monitor picks them up ever 3-5min. Get steroid shot for lungs and procardia to try and stop contractions.
9/28/11 – still dilated less than 1 cm, contractions every 5-7min. Notice late decels on monitor. Mid day heart scare, it either
drops when I stand up, or they were finding mine. Late decels stop for an hour before I’m due for next dose of procardia. Told I’m going home in the morning. Late decels start as soon as I take procardia. I’m told it’s a coincidence. Stand up to use the bathroom and heart rate drops into 70s. When it comes back we are told that this will keep happening and they might not be able to save him next time. We prep for a cesarean immediately. Owen is born at 10:23pm
9/29/11 – I get to see Owen for the first time at 1:30am. I get to hold him for the first time at 6:30am.
10/2/11 – I am discharged from the hospital, but Owen is still in the NICU.
10/16/11 – Owen finally comes home!

3/19/13 – my period finally comes back and we start TTC.
6/27/13 – BFP without fertility drugs! (just progesterone)
7/8/13 – start taking Zofran round the clock
7/19/13 – start subcutaneous Zofran pump (6w3d)
7/25/13 – ER for IV fluids
7/26/13 – admitted for IV fluids. (7w3d)
7/27/13 – discharged and started on phenergan
8/1/13 – admitted for IV fluids
8/2/13 – PICC line placed for home IV fluids. Discharged. Basically on bedrest from here on.
9/11/13 – first appointment with MFM 45 minutes away. Almost black out and then throw up after.

10/1/13 – ultrasound at 17w, we are told everything looks fine, but they had a hard time getting some images
10/2/13 – get a call from the MFM that the ventricles in his brain might be a little enlarged, but they can’t tell for sure because they couldn’t get good pictures. My world collapses and I immediately jump to worst case scenario. After some research I am a little more hopeful that if there is a problem it can be managed with a shunt.
10/7/13 – OB appointment. She says she talked to MFM and they doubt there is an issue, that they are just being cautious. Feel some relief.
10/9/13 – MFM appointment. We learn that his ventricles are 18mm (normal is 5-8) and that he has a cyst that prevented the cerebellum from fully forming. That he will never breathe on his own.
10/10/13 – second opinion, same results. We agree to have an induction the following week.
10/16/13 – our last day home with Noah. My mom comes down to stay with Owen when we go to the hospital 2 hours away.
10/17/13 – we check into the hospital and start the induction.
10/19/13 – Noah is stillborn at 9:42am.
10/23/13 – Noah is cremated
10/24/13 – We pick up Noah’s ashes from the funeral home.

12/13 – my period regulates and we start TTC with progesterone

4/2 First consult with an RE
4/7/14 CD3 BW – FSH 5.6; AMH 0.469
4/11/14 S/A Count 35, Motility 47, Morph 1.5
4/16/14 – Cycle 6 – Natural IUI (+progesterone) – Beta 12DPIUI = 3; Beta 13DPIUI=4.  15DPIUI=6. 17DPIU=4. Chemical Pregnancy
5/5/14 Dx MTHFR homozygous A1298C
Benched for a cycle
5/14 HSG shows both tubes open with scarring on the left
5/28/14  Starting clomid for IUI#2

6/8/14 IUI with a 31mm follicle.
6/19/14 BFP on a dollar store test, but beta 4 (11dpiui)
6/23/14 beta 75!! (15diui)

After HG, preterm contraction, progesterone shots and LOTS of monitoring 

2/21/15 Our Rainbow Baby Sam is born.  

Unsure whether or we will try to have any more.  Right now at 20 months PP, my cycle still hasn’t returned.  


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