I have unfortunately had many friends come to me after someone they know have experienced a loss, and asked what resources they can share with them.  I try to remember, but it is hard recreating the wheel every time.  So I decided to try to start a list.

I want this to be a place that new (or experienced) loss Moms can go to connect with resources.  I’m slowly adding to it, but I also don’t find everything. (Or can’t find something I’ve used before!)  I’d love your help!  To submit a resource (website, blog post, memorial item, organization, etc) please go here and fill out this form.  And I will try to add resources in a timely manner.  Thanks!

Memorial items

A Heart to Hold
in memory of Corbin
Weighted hearts with names.
Cost: free
Waitlist: None if your loss is within 30 days. Otherwise it opens up once a month.

Held Your Whole Life
in memory of Asher Finn
Website facebook
A group that hand stamps necklaces and key chains for families who have experienced stillbirth. Not for infant loss after birth.
Cost:Free for those in the USA, shipping charge for international.
Wait list : Opens once a month and is about 4 months long.

Molly Bears
in memory of Molly Christine
Weighted teddy bears for those who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss.
Cost: $20 (does not cover full costs, but helps offset shipping and other costs)
Wait list Opens on the 30th of every month and is 1-2years long.

The Smallest Gift
in memory of Abigail and Aaron Thawley and McKinley Gill
Website – Facebook
Sends free weighted hearts and beautiful embroidered blankets to Families who have lost a pregnancy or infant in the last year.  USA only.
Cost: Free
Wait list  None

Xavier’s Ashes
in memory of Xavier
Website – Facebook
Sells memorial items to offset the costs of bereavement bags which they make and donate.  They sell beautiful candle holders and ornaments.
Cost: $9-20
Wait list  None

In Person Support Groups

The Compassionate Friends
Website – Facebook
In person support groups.  Go to the website and enter your zip code to locate a group near you.  For child loss at any age, but some chapters focus on pregnancy loss as well.

MISS Foundation
Website – Facebook – Online support group – Hope Mentors
In person support groups, Online support groups, and one on one peer mentors (Hope Mentors) who will contact you.  For child loss at any age, but welcomes pregnancy loss as well.

Website  Facebook
In person support groups.  They are listed by State.  For pregnancy and infant loss support.  Some local chapters also have private facebook groups.

Online Support Groups

A Heartbreaking Choice
A Heartbreaking Choice is an organization supporting parents who terminate for medical reasons. They have website with blog posts, and an online message board.  Because TFMR can be controversial, they require personal information for access to the forums.

Baby Center – Termination for Medical Reasons
A baby Center group supporting people who have terminated for medical reasons.  They have subgroups for TTC after TMFR, Pregnancy after TMFR, and Parenting after TFMR.  They have some threads that can be bumped with lots of information about Labor and Delivery (L&D) experiences, or regrets.  Please read the FAQ before posting, it is a public forum, and some posters get private messages trying to talk them out of their decision.

Stillbirth Support Group – First Candle
Website – Facebook
First Candle is an organization dedicated to reducing pregnancy and infant loss. They have a 24/7 grief counselor phone line and a facebook support group.

TMFR, A Loving Choice
A closed group (posts are private, membership is not) on Facebook for those who have TFMR.  To join you have to PM an admin to keep out those who would not be supportive.

TFMR Resources

About TFMR


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