When people say you murdered your baby

I know I’ve been absent. But I need to get this out. If anyone is still here, forgive me for only coming here in pain. I’m struggling. With everything in the news, with everything being posted. I have been unfriended by family. I have had people I considered friends tell me (unknowing that it applies […]

It’s June again

It’s June again.  Last year I was on CD3 of the cycle I got pregnant with Noah.  I wasn’t expecting much – I’d only gotten my cycle back in March, and after it took so long with O and meds, I figured it would take a while.  I ovulated on CD20 which was June 18th […]

I don’t want to be in this world where babies die. But I can’t go back.

There are times it just seems completely unreal. I was pregnant. My body grew a person, and then he died. I was in labor, and gave birth to him as he died. How is this not a nightmare? A terrible bad dream? I see all these other people getting ready to give birth to their […]