Joy and grief

One person’s day of joy, is another’s day of grief. Today is Owen’s 6th birthday.  For one friend, it is also the 7th anniversary of the sudden death of her brother.  For another it is her daughter’s 2nd stillbirthday.   Joy and grief are not comfortable bedfellows.   Noah’s birthday is the same day as […]

It’s June again

It’s June again.  Last year I was on CD3 of the cycle I got pregnant with Noah.  I wasn’t expecting much – I’d only gotten my cycle back in March, and after it took so long with O and meds, I figured it would take a while.  I ovulated on CD20 which was June 18th […]

Seven months

7 months.  How is that even possible?  The past month has been so wrapped up in infertility, and the miscarriage.  The IUI was on April 16th.  Six month from our last day home with Noah.  This whole month has been about betas and tests and plans. It feels like my focus is split.  This was […]