Micro blog Monday: Not what you’d expect 

I read the comments section. I know, I know. It was a pro-choice video. And so of course, the comments were about what you’d expect.  
One caught my eye. It said it would love to see a conversation between an OB at a birthing center, and a late term abortion provider at a clinic. I’m sure they had images of the OB railing at the “killer.”  
My image of how that conversation would go is a little different. Here’s what I imagine the OB would say:
“Thank you for helping my patient. I had to deliver the devastating news that the baby they love, the baby that they have planned and dreamed for will not survive. I wish I could be the one there with them as they try to peacefully let their baby go. But due to my hospital/their insurance/state law I’m not allowed to. Take care of them for me.”


2 thoughts on “Micro blog Monday: Not what you’d expect 

  1. What a thoughtful post. Abortion is illegal here in Ireland so those who wish to have one, including those with fatal foetal abnormalities must travel to England. It must be so very difficult to be so far from home. Your post made me think of them.

  2. That is closer to the truth, especially if the doctor guides their choices with the idea of first, do no harm and places the patient first. Wise words.

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